Take care of my eyes

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There was a blind girl.

She was mad at the world, because she could not see.

She had a loving boyfriend.

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He was always there for her.

He asked her to marry him.

She said no.

She said she was too upset and miserable to marry him.

She said, if only she could see. Then she wouldn't be upset and miserable.

If she could see, she could be happy, and would marry him and they could be happy again.

Then, one day, someone gave her a gift - a pair of eyes!

She came out of surgery - she could see!

Her boyfriend said, "now will you marry me?"

The blind girl, who could now see, saw that her boyfriend was blind, too!

She refused to marry him.

Now that she had sight, she could not be with someone who was blind.

And her boyfriend said, "Okay..."

Okay, just take care of my eyes.


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