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Sitting at an outdoor cafe, a bird suddenly flew over and sat on a lady's head.

Of course, she started screaming...

And screaming...

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Even before it started pecking at her hair.

Panic stricken and trembling, she screamed and jumped, waving her hands.

People around her took up the panic, too.

The bird finally flew away - only to land on another person in the group.

So, the group continued their antics.

Just then, a waiter came out, and came to their rescue.

But, the bird landed on the waiter.

He waiter stood firm.

He composed himself and gently grabbed the bird, walked it about a half block away, and shooed it away.

I saw all this, in person. It was hilarious. And, interesting.

Why did the two people freak out like that?

How come the waiter was so composed?

I came to the conclusion that it was not the bird, but the inability of the people to confidently deal with the bird, that was the problem.

Just the same, it's not your boss, or your kids or spouse that disturb you and make your life feel chaotic, it's you. It's me.

It's our inability to handle these issues, this chaos. It's our mental toughness.

Or, lack thereof.

More than the problem, it’s our reaction to problems that causes the chaos.

It's not chaos if it's not chaos.


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