Reversing the Inverted Transposition

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People are always contradicting themselves.

Reversing a position, transposing a revision

It's super annoying.

click each to play individually, or ...

I mean, it's so not delightful.

Here's an example.

Since about 1985, we are supposed to ...

1. Take aspirin daily (help prevent heart attacks!)

2. Then don't (it's bad for your organs!)

Err... Organs.

3. Drink red wine (the French do it!)

4. Don't drink red wine (don't drink alcohol at all!)

Former President Clinton was not a model of perfect health.

Early on, he was famous for his late night donut and pizza binges.

But, still, he did usually look pretty good.

And, he had access to among the best physicians and advice a person could have.

Yet, he still has had several surgeries to clear arteries

Some think he would have had a heart attack by now without these surgeries.

So, what do we do? People like you and me?

It comes down to genetics.

My grandparents smoked, and ate eggs and bacon all their lives.

They lived until their 80s

Sergei Grinkov was a super-healthy athlete.

He dropped dead on the ice for no apparent reason at age 28.

Life is a gamble, for sure.

My point is... we listen to our bodies. As good as our medicine is, we are not generic people.

We are specific individuals, with specific individual needs. We're unique.

Maybe red wine is for you.

But ... not for this guy.

Maybe this guy should stick to ice-tea.


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